About me

My name is Dariusz Paczuski.  I lead the Consumer, Carrier, and Automotive businesses for Tellme (an independent Microsoft subsidiary) where our mission is to leverage Microsoft’s speech, mobile, and search assets in ways that enable people to simply ‘say what you want and get it on any device, for free’.

I spent the last 10+ years as an executive at Netscape, AOL, and Tellme/Microsoft, where I was fortunate to work on several exciting products:

    • Tellme with Live Search, Fandango, and MSN (voice-activated service for mobile devices),
    • Ford Sync TDI with Tellme voice services (voice-activated service car portal for automotive partners),
    • AOL Search with FullView (federated multimedia search engine later emulated by Google, Ask, Yahoo),
    • AOL Local Search (local search with businesses, events, movies, maps, directions, transactions),
    • Netscape Netbusiness (small business portal),
    • Open Directory Project (user-generated web directory),
    • Netscape Navigator Integrated Search (browser-integrated search engine and keyword system).

    Prior to joining Netscape, I helped launch MSNBC Cable and graduated from GE’s Financial Management Program, with assignments at NBC Business Development, GE Corporate, GE Aircraft Engines, and GE International.

    I also served as Vice President of Human Resources and was elected National Committee President for AIESEC United States, part of a global non-profit organization.


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