Going Green, Making Green

October 3, 2007

New technologies are making it easy for people to do the right thing, without compromising convenience or quality. The basic value propositions most marketers use is: save time, save money, or look beautiful / feel good. If you sell products or services that help people save time or money AND feel good, you’ve got a winning proposition.

Whole Foods has taken a basic chore (grocery shopping) and made it easy to eat and live better, which they support with good prices and great customer service. Toyota did the same with the Prius; making it affordable (and even cool!) to be green. SustainLane helps consumers “live green” by connecting them to businesses, products, content, and people that do the right thing.

There’s lots of growth potential in this category and businesses are getting serious about their investments. My friend Chelle Izzi is an executive at ConsumerPowerline. They recently received $17MM in funding. Another friend of mine is joining GridPoint, which has received over $70MM over several rounds. Both companies are making energy management easier and more efficient. The big guys are jumping in as well. According to the Clean Tech Revolution:

When industry giants such as GE, Toyota, and Sharp and investment firms such as Goldman Sachs are making multi-billion dollar investments in clean technology, the message is clear. Developing clean technologies is no longer a social issue championed by environmentalists; it’s a money-making enterprise moving solidly into the business mainstream. Read more >

What’s interesting about these trends and investments is that people and companies are starting to do the right thing, doing it right, and saving/making money in the process. The perfect value proposition that we can all feel good about.


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