September 11, 2007

It’s 9:11am as I write this post. For some bizarre reason I keep seeing those numbers everywhere and often; on my cable box, alarm clock, cell phone, microwave, laptop. The two towers were hit by 9:11am with the attack on the Pentagon and foiled attack and crash in Pennsylvania still to come.

I was at the pool, getting ready for just another workout. One of the guys in the locker room was talking about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. At first, I wasn’t paying attention. It was before 6am PST after all and I was half asleep, just going through the normal pre-swim routine: clothes off, swimsuit on, goggles in hand, backpack over the shoulder, slow walk to the pool outside, running start and jump into the pool. Did the workout. Uneventful.

In the locker room afterwards someone mentioned that another plane had crashed into the second tower. Instantly, I knew we were at war. I had no idea what that meant exactly, but it was a terrible, gut-wrenching feeling. My daughter was less than a year old and I feared for her future. Work seemed irrelevant at the time. I drove straight home to my family. That day, my wife and I watched what we all watched over and over again. Shielding our daughter from the TV, fearing that she’d somehow remember such a terrifying sight.

This is not what my blog is about, but I wanted to remember and pay tribute and contribute in a small way. As Jack Myers writes:

For the first time in history, the people can speak out without restriction. Let’s hope leaders emerge from the depths of the Internet to help rebuild our hope and spirit, and renew our faith in the future.

Here’s to the future and using our medium to speak out and do good.


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